Gauri Divan

I am the Director of the child development group in the non-governmental organisation Sangath ( The focus of Sangath’s work extends across the life span with focus areas on child development, adolescent health, mental health and chronic diseases. The organisations aims to develop and evaluate innovative packages of care that can be delivered through non- specialist health workers through the process of task-sharing. As a paediatrician, I work in the areas of early child development, developmental disabilities and adolescent health. One of these packages is the Parent mediated intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders in South Asia (PASS) which uses video feedback with parents so that they can mediate changes in their autistic child’s communication environment. This intervention is based on the Preschool Autism Communication Therapy, and was showcased at World Innovation Summit for Health 2016 in Qatar. Another intervention ‘SPRING Kilkaari’ used cognitive behaviour therapy principles to help families adopt key nutrition and child stimulation practices to address the critical needs of children in the first 1000 days of life. I have also been involved as a senior co-Investigator in the development and evaluation of two novel digital platform, one to assess the cognitive health of young children and the second to screen for Autism. I will bring this breath of experience to the Braintools project.