The aim of the Braintools project is to develop a method of measuring such cognitive markers of brain development that is optimised for low-income settings such as in India and The Gambia. The hope is that this method could then be used in large-scale projects to detect early risks of under-development and to develop early interventions for this. ‚Äč
If you have a young child aged between 4 months old and 8 years old, we may have a study which they can participate in. To find out if your child fits the age range at the site nearest you, please use the details on our contact page to contact that team who will be able to advise you.
The Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, London, can send you our annual newsletter with updates on the progress of the study. Furthermore, we are planning to publish the findings of the study in well-renowned scientific journals. These journals are usually available in university libraries or can be obtained from us on request.
This study is approved by ethics committees at each of our sites and all efforts are made to minimize any potential risks, which could include children becoming tired or fussy. All researchers are experienced in working with young children and every effort will be taken to keep your child engaged and minimize boredom or frustration. All visits are geared towards your child's needs and participation is voluntary so you and your child are free to withdraw from the study at any stage for any reason.
Braintools was formally launched in October 2018 following funding from the Medical Research Council.